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Oyster Menu

West Coast

Dabob Bay, Hood Canal WA
Large – Light and Crisp with Sweet salt flavor

Drunken Kiss, Marin Bay CA
Large – Salty Start with Complex Metallic Finish

Glacier Point, Kachemak Bay AK
Medium – more briny than typical Pacific’s, incredibly
clean-flavored with lots of cucumber and crisp nori kind of snap

Kumamoto, Hombolt Bay CA
Small – Smooth Sweet Metallic Flavor in a Small Shell

East Coast

Blue Point, Long Island Sound NY
Large — Salty Start, Essence of Seaweed

Moon Stone, Point Judith Pond RI
Med – deep cup with smooth briny finish

Rappahannock, Rappahannock VA
Med — Mild and Sweet

Wianno, Cape Cod Bay MA
Large — Plump and Succulent Meat

Wellfleet, Cape Cod MA
Med – plump with balance between crisp flavor and creamy sweetness

Beau Soleil, Neguac NB
Small – Boutique Oyster Full of Salty Flavor


Mignonette – Red Wine Vinegar, Shallot and Black Pepper
Hot Sauce – Homemade with Garlic and Habaneros
Hog Wash – Rice Wine Vinegar, Cilantro and Lime

OTH Cocktail Sauce