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Oyster Menu

West Coast

Totten Inlet, Washington
Med – Sweet and briny with a creamy textured seaweed finish

Capital, Spencer Cove, Washington
Med – Pure and crisp, full salt flavor with a clean finish

Kusshi, Stellar Bay, BC
Small – Means “precious” in Japanese for their gem-like shell. Ultra clean and mildly sweet with plump creamy meat.

Glacier Point, Kachemak Bay, AK
Medium – Briny with a clean finish, hints of cucumber

Kumamoto, Hombolt Bay, CA
Small – Plump meats buttery texture sweet melon finish

East Coast

Blue Point, Long Island Sound, NY
Large — Salty Start, Essence of Seaweed

Katama Bay, Katama Bay Martha’s Vineyard
Large – A salt bomb with a sweet as candy finish

Raspberry Point, PEI
Med — A gentle brine and sweet mushroom finish

Olde Salts, Machipongo Inlet, VA
Med — Bold seaside brininess, sweet and clean

Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA
Large – Plump and buttery meat, briny with a sweet lettuce finish

Nauti Pilgrims, Plymouth, MA
Med – Lively and clean with a smooth mineral finish


Grilled Oysters

Sweet and briny Delaware Bay Oysters topped with fresh lemon, butter and Parmesan cheese.


Mignonette – Red Wine Vinegar, Shallot and Black Pepper
Hot Sauce – Homemade with Garlic and Habaneros
Hog Wash – Rice Wine Vinegar, Cilantro and Lime
OTH Cocktail Sauce